Split Stay ADRs

We are doing a split stay at two onsite resorts. I thought I recalled from my past experience, as well as discussion here, that when I hit my 180 days prior for making ADRs at the first resort, I would be able to book ADRs for the entire stay at both resorts, but that didn’t happen. Only the 7 days of the first resoet opened; is this correct?

Same happened to me for my split stay.

You have independent ADR windows for each reservation, and the “+10” is limited by the length of stay for the reservation in question. So, to answer your question, this is correct - in 7 days time the second ADR window will open and you can make reservations for the rest of your stay.

Yes it’s correct. For FP though, you can book for the length of your tickets when your 60 day window opens for the first stay.

Thank you all, and for confirming that the FP booking works differently.

Did you buy tickets separately from your resort stays?

Yes, I purchased tickets separately from UT

Perfect! Your fast passes will work with no issues!

This is music to my ears - we’re also in the same situation and I was really worried about this. Thanks!