Split stay ADRs - remind me

Brain fail over here:

Split stay 4-/24-4/28 and 4/28-5/3. Will all dates be open to me or do I need to do something special.

Sadly not the case for ADRs. They will have two booking windows.

For FPs you will be able book for all days, assuming both are onsite resorts. If either is a DS resort with 60 day privelleges there will be two windows.

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You can book an overlapping stay that covers all your dates, and then you can make all ADRs when your first window opens. Cancel the overlapping stay after your second ADR day opens. I make it longer than my entire stay, starting 5 days before, giving the best availability.

I had a recollection that you could book ADR and FP for split but it seems you are right - ADR if based on each reservation. Not sure why I thought otherwise.

Thanks all. I did think there was a difference between FPP and ADR. Not a huge deal for us as there are no super crazy hard to get reservations (and there’s always the ADR finder). Not worth it to me to do the overlapping stay thing, but good to know that works for future.

Thanks again!

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Hang on! Aren’t you DVC?

If so, Member Services can book your second part for you, although you may find you can’t make any changes to it yourself.

I am DVC and this is a DVC split

But I would prefer to retain control over everything and so I will just take care of it and take what comes.

If I can’t get something — I know I’m going back :wink:

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