Split one afternoon/evening at Epcot and Hollywood Studios?

Heading down to Orlando/Disney for two weeks in April. I have a 7 day pass for my 4 year old and myself (also have an 18 min old with us). Planning on breaking it up so we go 3 days 1 week and 3 days & 1 evening the next week.

The first part of the trip I’ll have two friends with me, one of which has never been to Disney World. He’s been to Disneyland a few years ago. I’m excited for him and of course don’t want him to miss out on anything, which is obviously impossible when he’s only there for 2 days. We will be staying on site at Coronado Springs for the first part.

This is what I’m thinking for the first 3 days:

Day 1 - morning at MK
Lunch & afternoon break.
Evening back at MK (sans kids. They’ll be with a babysitter/at activity center).

Day 2 - morning at MK
Lunch & afternoon break.
Evening split at HS & Epcot (sans 4 yr old, baby will be with us).

Day 3- AK (my friend who’s a 1st timer will have left early this morning).

Is that crazy? I’m having a hard time letting HS go :). I have always loved it…but I also think Epcot is awesome. And my friend who has never been to DW before loves movies…would it be silly to go to HS for a couple of hours in the late afternoon to go on the movie ride and and see sunset Blvd etc then go over to Epcot? I have us down for an evening at MK since I think it’s so pretty at night. The day we’d go to Epcot it’s open till 11p.

Anyway. I need a reality check or a “sure that sounds fine.”

Thank you so much!


I think that depends on what you plan to do. Where are your FPs? Epcot is only WS?

Do you have the babysitting for the 1st night all set?

We’ve got about 2 weeks before we can reserve our FPs, so as of now they are nowhere :slight_smile:
Epcot was going to be WS only, but then we started talking about wanting to go see Captain EO lol.

We do not have the babysitting for the 1st night set up yet, that’s on my to do list for this week.


Where will you get your FPs? Your first park or second? Are you planning rider switch?

Ooooh - I thought the FP were per park. Like if we went to two parks in one day we’d have FP for both! Is it just 3 per day until you use them up? I guess if we are doing two mornings at MK with the kids then I’d go for the FP in the first park.

Yes to rider switch.

I would not go with kids that need a bottle every two hours, need diaper changes, and can’t walk. I’d wait until the child is old enough to remember or leave then at home with family.

All three fast passes need to be in one park. Usually if I am park hopping I save mine for the second park. I was just wondering about the 3 park split. I believe you most likely should save your fast passes for HS especially if world showcase is your focus. Will you all have tickets linked to your MDE account in order to make your fast passes ahead of time? Are you 60 days out?

Yes! I’ve already linked my tickets, and am purchasing the tickets for my friends today and will link those as well. I’ve got 12 days till we hit 60 days and need to do the FPs. Thank you for your advice and info. So helpful!

Thank you for your advice. My lo will be 19 months old so I should probably call him a toddler. He’s definitely walking - running more like it - and doesn’t breastfeed every two hours anymore (thank goodness) - more like every 5 hours, and of course diaper changes are less frequent Unfortunately I can’t leave him at home for two weeks, so I’ve got to work with what I’ve got. Hoping his 4.5 year old brother will enjoy the trip. He’s dying to ride a roller coaster :wink:

I’m not sure if you were joking here or not, but Captain EO is gone as of 12/6/15.


Oh man! It’s closed!? We were going to go as a joke haha but I guess not. Thanks for the heads up!