Split FastPasses with Rider Switch

Please help! Has anyone been in the parks recently and used Rider Switch? I am reading lots of conflicting information. I want to get a FP for FoP for myself and DD6. DD3 is too short to ride and too young to do an attraction by herself.

Do I also have to book a FoP FP for DD3 and DH so he can ride FoP (she cannot ride due to height so would just forfeit a FP) or can he ride using a RS and book a FP for Navi to take my DD3 on while DD6 and I ride??

The waiting party does not need a FPP.

You can have 2 FPP for FOP one for DH and one for DD6. Then 2 FPP for Navi one for you and one for DD3.

When you go to to FoP tell them the following: “I need a rider switch. I’m returning and my daughter is returning.” then scan your bands.

A special FPP will appear in your MDE after a few minutes so you and DD6 can ride later in the day. You don’t need to ride back to back.

The conflicting reports come from people acting stupid and saying things like “does everyone need FPP?” to the CM and then the CM goes on without knowing and responds whatever comes to mind. I have tried this many times on FOP during CL10 and it has worked without problems. Just don’t deviate from the script.


Did you mean one of these to be DD6? I’m trying to follow along and am wondering how confused I really am.

When you rider switch, does the child who is tall enough get to ride twice? (once with mom, once with dad?) Or does the parent who was waiting with shorty ride by themselves? This topic confuses me EVERY TIME.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You are my hero, Sneaky Pete. Thought it was ludicrous that my poor DD3 would basically have to forfeit an experience in order for DH to ride and was prepared to argue my way to a RS for him, but glad to hear that it works if you know what you are doing.

The child in the 1st party should be able to ride twice. Once with FP and once with the RS so he/she can accompany the 2nd rider.

That’s what I was hoping!

I did this on almost every RS ride in December and never had any problems at all. I would get FoP for you and DD6 and get NRJ for DH and DD3.

Step 1: Go to FoP, approach with DH and DD3, ask for RS and get FoP added to DH (and DD6 again if you want).
Step 2: DH and DD3 go ride NRJ. You and DD6 ride FoP.
Step 3 DH and DD6 ride FoP. You and DD3 hang out.
Step 4: profit

If DD6 really wanted to ride NRJ (and you didn’t mind soloing FoP) DD6 could book NRJ and ride it with DH and DD3 and then go ride FoP on the RS with DH.

Perfection! i had removed RS from my itineraries because there was so much conflicting info, but this is what makes sense to me. Thanks!

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Great info, and makes perfect sense. What was the return window given to your 2nd party who did not have the FPP? SB minus 10 or the FPP line time minus 10?

My mistake. Yes, I meant DD6. She gets to ride twice.

Ok good! Then I am understanding correcrly.

They kind of asked/suggested 10 minutes after party 1 entered. Like they would say, “Is party 1 riding standby or FP?” “Great. I’ll put the RS in for 10 minutes from now and it will be open for an hr., okay?” Depending on the ride they might have adjusted it to 5 minutes or immediately, but I never asked if they could make it later in the day and @SneakyPete suggests that you can return whenever you want.

Thanks! I actually prefer back to back because my FPP time is late and my DD3 will start to fade not too long after!

Absolutely the child (or two) gets to ride twice.

The aim is for parents not to have to wait and not to have to ride alone. A secondary aim is for the child to be able to ride with both parents or at least two different adults…

Up to 3 people can ride in the second group.

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Generally there is a return window starting when the first group are expected to finish. So if the first group are riding FoP stand-by, then the return time will be much later lol!

Some people have reported asking for the return window to be later, to allow for an ADR. And I’ve not seen anyone denied.

But returning anytime? Not seen that. In general, that stopped with the electronic system, around June last year.

In general, I’ve seen my RS FPP last at least 24 hours. This has been as recent as 3 weeks ago.

CM at the park will confirm you have until the end of the day (in reality it is longer than that).

I don’t doubt @SneakyPete at all, but I’ve had unused FP’s stick around on my MDE for 24 hrs. or so even though they were well past their window. My unused RS’s often stuck around for 36 hours or more. (I think I had an unused FoP RS in my account for 48+ hours).

I assume trying to use the FP’s outside their window will not work. I did not know that I could use the old RS’s.

Am I right in thinking that under the new system you can only have 1 rider switch at a time?

correct. One rs at a time