Split day tickets

I am planning an 8 day visit to WDW but only getting five day passes, if I dont go tot he parks for two days, will I loose those days on the pass? Do i have to use the tickets for five consecutive days or can i pick for the 8 days im there? Please help, confused.

According to this:


Your 5 day tickets can be used over any 8 days beginning with your start day.


You can pick any 5 days to use the tickets. Just check that the tickets are valid for the 8 days, you may only have 7 days to use them, unless you pay extra.

Edit: I see @PrincipalTinker has done the legwork!

It sounds like in your case you don’t want to do this, but if you KNOW what days ahead of time you will be going, you can buy your tickets so that the first day falls where it makes the overall price cheapest. For example, if you are going to buy 5 day tickets, but know you will be doing those 5 days spread across 6 days, that give you wiggle room of 2 days. So, when buying your “start date” ticket, you MIGHT find it is cheapest to buy your first day as 2 days BEFORE you actually plan to go to the parks. In other cases, it might not be. But if your 8 day window crosses TWO weekends instead of just ONE, you might end up paying more.

Of course, this doesn’t help if you plan to do something like go 2 days, off one day, go one day, off two days, then go 2 days.