Splash mountain boats


Does anyone have an idea if the splash mountain boats can fit 3 in the same row. 2 kids (10 & 8) average size and 1 skinny adult. We are going with my parents as a surprise and guaranteed we are going to run into " I want to ride with grandad" I need to know whether I have to add splash into my plans twice.


It's possible, like this photograph, which looks like it might have been taken before the lap bars:

Make sure you tell the CM who asks how many in your party that you all want to squeeze into one row.


There's a recent picture from the Liner meet last weekend and they had three rows of three people. (I would link it if I could figure out how!). Search for Harmabe Nights August 2. The picture is toward the end of the thread, I think post 311.


I believe this is the one @scrapper1617 is talking about


Thank you! That's the one!!


Yep, that's us! We had to go all 3s pretty much to get all the Liners together (and I had to give away one of my kids). It was a little tight but not too bad.


Thank you. My FPP for all of us will be sufficient to make everyone happy!


That would always be an option. Free giveaway wink