Spirit of Aloha?

I dont get why this gets slammed all the time, we just got back from a Poly weekend Anniversary trip and we were in Fiji ground floor looking at the Luau Cove and the beach/GF area. We walked over to the Spirit of Aloha stage area and it looks really cool (like the rest of Poly) and at night we heard some of the show and it sounds fantastic. If we didnt have California Grill booked lastnight I would have checked out Spirit of Aloha I think.

What are the bad things that you have heard? or better yet experienced? Poly is an awesome resort all around and I get into an “island” mood when I am there… hehe

I see mostly negative reviews of the food. The show get moderate reviews.

The food is ok. The show is a little hokey.

My kids love it. And my husband agrees that it was a pleasant enough evening last time, so we are doing it again this time.

Very nice to walk on the beach after.

My friend loves it because alcohol is included. For that reason, I stay away with our 4 kids. It sounds risky to me.

Alcohol was indeed included. Sangria I think?

The event was very, very family oriented, however. I certainly didn’t see anybody getting drunk!

I just booked SoA for myself at the end of June on my final evening. It will be my first time. Looking forward to it and will report back after

Is it better to go to the show or just book a dinner at ohana on is own to get the same views/ beach experience?

At SoA, you’re really paying for the show. The food is different at both places, Ohana being better (general consensus). No view of the beach at SoA. It’s in it’s own ampitheater.

I think SoA suffers from the fact that is “used to be” so much better. For some reason, quality has fallen off. I have friends who used to go in the early 1990s and they raved about it, especially the unlimited mai tais! We went in the early 2000s and it had already devolved from it’s glory days. We had terrible service, no refills on food or drink. Now, that is our personal experience. It is an all-you-care-to-eat, so they should be happy to bring more of anything you’d like.

We’ll never do it again though. Too many other choices. Fool me once…