Spirit of Aloha - some questions

we are thinking about doing this on our next trip…some questions

(1) is it worth the extra money to get category 1?
(2) how long is the show?
(3) I see that it’s an “open air” theater - we’re going in August…is the restaurant hot?? I’m concerned about being out all day in the heat and then sitting outside in the heat for dinner too ( years ago i was in the Caribbean in July and i just remember sitting at the out-door restaurants and it was so brutal after being the sun all day too…)

I been looking at the same thing and here is what I found. I, my wife, and 16 yr old grandson will be there in August of the coming year as well. According to others out here who have been to it they say if you can get them, get category 1 seating for the little extra money. They go fast so book 180 days out. Secondly, as you know it is outdoors. Apparently there is some type of roof but you are still outdoors in the heat and humidity. The advise is to book the late show if possible to avoid some of the heat. Those that have went seem to have enjoyed the show but the food is so so. We will be staying at the Poly so we figure what the heck, we will go for it especially with having the grandson. As stated, this is the advice I have gleaned from out here on the forum and I intend to follow it. Good luck with your trip and have a Magical time.