Spirit Airlines question - Super Savers

Does anyone know much you save in seat selection on Spirit Airlines if you join the Super Savers Club? I have found tons of reviews of the club, but the best I find about this specific question is that you “get a discount”. What kind of discount? Doesn’t say. 1%? 10%? 50%?


When you search for a flight it will show you both the super savers price and the rack rate. It’s quite transparent. Though I don’t recall off hand if it’s a set percentage or not.

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The saver price is clearly posted. I’ve flown spirit 4 times and am always seated with my party. I do the cheapest flight and personal item only. So if you are choosing seats so that you can sit with your party it may not be necessary to pay extra.

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I am not taking about the fare…I am taking about the discount on the seat itself…

Hm. This is good to know.

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I check in right at 24 hrs ahead. Friends with DD10 did the same thing and were seated all together as well.

Okay. Perfect. I will treat it like getting a VQ! :grin:

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Spirit is a little tricksy.

So, I had booked flights with them for three of us. Total came to $555. But I notice that if I was part of the Super Savers Club, for the round trips flights, I would save using Super Saver Club $120. This would make the total fare $435. Add in the $70 for Super Saver, and the total should have been $505. That’s a $50 saving.

So I cancelled the original booking. I then tried to rebook. Only, now the Super Saver price said it would save us $72! The fares were higher than just a couple minutes earlier!

In the end, I am booked on the same flights for a grand total of $553 (including Super Saver price).

I did find out that being part of the Super Saver Club only saves about $5 per seat reserve in advance, so barely a savings. We are just going to hope for them seating us together I guess!

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That’s not just Spirit, my friend. They all do that kind of thing


That’s kinda pricey for Spirit but not for a flight in general. Two of us flew round trip from Louisville, KY to MCO for $100 total round trip. I’ve noticed their prices start out high and then get lower as it gets closer. But you have to be willing to wait it out. My last Spirit flight (the $50 round trip) I booked April 1 for a May 13 departure.


I’ve watched a SW flight change by more than $100 in a day.

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SDF-MCO is my new default flight pattern from southern IN. IND-MCO is a close 2nd. I literally just paid more for my checked bag than i did for my ticket. I was too chicken to wait though, prices were good 2 days ago and the trip is during a Spring Break week. But my departure time changed by 1-1.5 hrs between stalking Spirit’s site from Sunday to Tuesday.

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