Spirit Airlines and MDE

Has anyone flown to MCO on Spirit Airlines and had any issues getting their bags delivered by ME? I know they don’t participate in airline checkin at the hotel, so we will be responsible for dropping our bags off at the airport on the return flight. Also how did you print your boarding pass for flight home? Spirit charges for printing at airport. Thinking I wish I’d stayed with Jet Blue, but even with checking 1 bag with Spirit it was much cheaper than Jet Blue

Flew to Disney on Spirit in October. We had no problems getting bags it took about 2 hrs after we landed. As for the boarding pass the front desk at our Disney resort was happy to print them for us.

Cool Thanks so much

I had the front desk print my pass and also got another with Tragical Express information.

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Spirit now does boarding passes to your phone - so you dont need to print them out.

Yea. Thanks - I saw that. Whoo hoo

Seat Assignments In Spirit Airlines
So you have booked your flight ticket with Spirit Airlines and may be worried about your seats. Seat assignment is an important thing for every passenger especially for frequent flyers and who are travelling in long haul flights. With Spirit Airlines, passengers will get to sit on the seats that are assigned by the airline company. However, passengers can also purchase their own preferred seats.
Apart from this, passengers often like to book “Big front Seats” on the Spirit Airlines reservations. These seats are equivalent to their first class seats. However, these seats provide more legroom and are wider than the standard ones. So how can you select your favorite seats in the Spirit Airlines online, here’s how you can do it?
How to select seats in Spirit Airlines?

  1. Navigate to the official website of Spirit Airlines
  2. Scroll to the “My Trips” section and then enter the passenger’s last name and then click on the continue button.
  3. Now select the flight booking in which you wish to select your seats.
  4. On the seat selection page, select your seats and then you may have to pay for the selection. The seat selection fee starts from $5 depending on the destination routes.
    Remember, you can only select your seats in your Spirit Airlines Reservations within the 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time. Contact Spirit Airlines customer-services for further information on seats selection & its fee.