Spireside Disney Candles - Resort Lobby Smells?

This is a really random and bizarre question, but I’m not sure where else to ask it!

I stayed at the Beach Club in May and absolutely LOVED how the lobby smelled. (Well, away from Cape May, at least!) I think it’s rather neat how the resorts each have their own smells: I enjoyed AK Lodge’s resort smell quite a bit too, but adored Beach Club’s lobby smell, and would probably avoid staying at the Contemporary because I’m not fond of the smell there. (Admittedly, after Beach Club, I don’t know that I’d stay anywhere else - of the 5 Disney hotels I’ve stayed at, the Epcot-centric location + water slide + larger room than AKL = wonderful resort. Cape May was no Jiko, but it was still pretty tasty. But I digress.)

Anyway, I recently discovered that Spireside Candles makes candles that claim to smell like the hotels. They have AKL and Beach Club both, so I’m wondering if anyone’s tried them, and if they actually smell like the hotels. Has anyone tried them? (Also, I’d need to order a 3rd candle for free shipping, so…how does Wilderness Lodge’s lobby smell? I’ve never been there, but they do have a Wilderness Lodge candle, along with various other candles like Main Street Bakery, BoG, so on and so forth.)

I have the Beach Club one and it smells just like you are standing in the lobby!

That is so cool! Loved the smell at TBC, totally buying one! I never noticed the smell at AKL. We did Not like the smell at The Poly. Main Street bakery was amazing, but I feel like I’d want to eat sweets all day. Would be amazing if showing a house :wink: