Spinning symbol of iPhone?

The entire time I am on the forum format my iPhone has spinning symbol running on top of screen. What does that mean?

Hi @hollya! I'm just going to tag @Lentesta and @daybreaker on your question here. Hopefully they can give you some advice! smile

Thanks! Looking at it right now and it is spinning away!

I asked this question in one of the Bugs threads.... Hang on & I'll go find the answer to copy/paste smile


Thank you. Just didn't want it to completely drain battery. I assumed when not on wifi my data will go fast using the forum. Trying to find wifi but not always possible when out and about. Primarily use Lines on phone.

I haven't yet tried using the forum without wifi. The area where I live is very rural and doesn't even have 3G connection, so don't think it will work for me anyway (lines chat does but that's another matter a guess 😕). Other users where reporting massive data usage but I think that may have improved recently?
I have to say though, I think that it is using MUCH more battery on my phone than what leaving other apps open does....

@pooh2412, we've recently changed background colors on the forums, to help save battery life on phones. If you have a chance to re-measure this, let me know.

We've tested both data use and battery use over many hours, and found them to be about the same as Lines (literally within a couple percent). We think the brightness of the room you're in probably has more impact on the battery life.