Spice Road Tables/Illuminations

Countdown is 49 days to my dream family vacation! It is all I think about!! My husband is not as enthusiastic and kind of dreading it. He grew up in fl and wdw is not his ideal vacation. Thought I’d plan a date night and leave the kids at the hotel with a sitter one night so we have some quality time during the trip.
Our Epcot day makes the most sense in our plans. I found a 7:50 reservation and spice road table, it appeals to me because we like Mediterranean food and looks like good viewing for illuminations. Has anyone had good experience with dinner/staying to watch illuminations from there?

Also, thinking of booking Kids Night Out for in room babysitting. Would also be interested in hearing anyone’s experience. The next morning we have EMM reservations so I definitely want the kids to get bed early.

I have had dinner at Spice Road table with Illuminations. We sat at the outside tables. Fortunately, it was not a full house that night, and we were able to get up from our table and go watch some of the Illuminations from there as my seat was mostly blocked by a pillar. I think our reservation was 8:00. I think you’ll be fine with a 7:50.