Spice Road Table?

I saw a Liner review recently that spoke horribly of Spice Road Table. The touringplans.com ratings, though, don’t look so bad. Comments?

Might have been my review?

It was just bad all around. We had a sampler plate, hummus and olives, and a baked brie. Of the sampler, the egg roll was decent, the lamb slider was almost tasteless, the sausage was pretty good but combined the portions were still tiny. I’m not one to complain about WDW prices, but that was $16 for a single eggroll, a slider that was the size of an Ikea meatball on a macaroon sized bun, and a single breakfast sized sausage link was pushing it. The hummus was fairly bland, maybe a bump above a Sabra. The Brie was actually pretty good though. Drinks were fine $7 for a beer, ok wine flights.

Service was also awful. The place was half full, and the waiter was attentive, but we weren’t the only table that the manger had to come in and fix some issues. Mixed up drinks, toruble with the bill etc.

Check other blogs, most have been fairly negative. I only went because a friend did some of the interior design work on it, which was nice, but not enough to make me go back.


Thanks, TGB. Yes, it was your review. And I’ve valued your comments in the past. And I think, like me, you’re from the Boston area (right?) so we’ve possibly had some similar food experiences.

Like you, I usually just grin and bear it with WDW food prices. And we usually dig tapas style stuff (more food to try!). I was hoping for a new experience, eating outdoors, and maybe being able to finish up around Illuminations. But I hate bad service. And tasteless lamb is a crime.

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Great thread! I’ve had my eye on SRT, as I too prefer to eat various small plates vs a traditional meal, and the menu looks great. Now I’m having second thoughts, though:


Should I just stick to the F&W booth? :smile:

We have a Wind Down booked there in a few weeks and I keep thinking maybe I should cancel it, but I’m sticking with it so far. Hopefully it will be good.

etzmn123, please post your review after you go!

I’ll play devil’s advocate here. I was there in May and had an incredible time. @HappyKaren and I shared the two samplers and the two wine samplers. Our server was amazing, telling us about each of the plates and answering our questions about various sauces, etc. The cards that came with the wines helped us pair them with the different samples on the plates.

I found the lamb slider juicy and flavorful. And Karen, who never eats mussels, found them divine - they were buttery and tender and perfectly prepared.

I was writing notes during our dining experience and then got all caught up with the eating and drinking and making merry that my notes dropped off. LOL

if you haven’t tried it, I say give it a try.


Shortly after it opened I know it got numerous negative reviews. But I have been reading some more positive ones more recently, so maybe it just got off to a weak start and finally found it’s stride. The only consistant criticism seems to be be the cost to portion ratio; people reported ordering BOTH samplers and a glass of wine for almost $50 ( with tax and tip) and left still hungry. I’ve put it in the “pretty place to stop for a drink and maybe get a snack to go with it” category.

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If the crowds stay consistent, we will definitely use it again as a bar, particularly for Illuminations. But probably never again for food until a menu change.

Oh! I cannot say enough great things about Spice Road Table! Maybe we just got lucky, or maybe some of
you have been supremely unlucky, but it was a marvelous experience for me (us?).

I’ll readily admit I wasn’t concerned about portions- I wasn’t making our shared small plates a meal (except we did) and I wanted to taste more thins as opposed to filling my belly. Nor was I concerned with value for a meal- again, I was enjoying a wonderful afternoon with a dear friend, so my impression may be skewed by that.

However- I do NOT like lamb, but I enjoyed my half of the slider. And I enjoyed the sausage as well. I didn’t like mussels, but I LOVED theirs.

Our server was phenomenal- in fact, we were one of three occupied tables, so while “our” server handled everything one would expect, other servers were also attentive and willing to answer our questions. We asked a lot of questions- we played at being gourmands and it was such fun!

We were also treated to information about the restaurant itself, the decor, and Moroccan culture in general.

I loved it. Every minute, every bite, every sip. It was a huge part of one of my greatest Epcot experiences ever


I give that 5 :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I had a very nice lunch there a couple weeks ago. Had the Tingis sampler - favorite item was the Harissa chicken roll. The lamb slider was also tasty, and I thought it was a pretty nice size (about the same size as a “slider” at any other restaurant I’ve been to). The sausage was so-so for me. I liked the hummus platter and thought the bread was very good. That was more than enough food for me, and I had a nice sangria with it. My server was also great. The restaurant is very pretty inside and has great views out onto the lagoon. SRT does not take Tables in Wonderland, but offers a 30% discount to APers (on food only, not alcohol).


We love Spice Road Table! It is more of a snacky place, much like Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge where is smaller portioned food (much like F&W/F&G) and nice cocktails and drinks. Its a great spot to hangout at and I am really shocked at the negative reviews people give it.

We’ve tried everything but the Seafood/Fish there and its been really good… favorites have been the Lamb Slider and the Sausage.

Its a great place to sit, relax, people watch and if you are hungry grab something very interesting to eat other than some sugary snack or fries. People dont complain about price of the $5 Cronut?? but a $9 Lamb slider is too much?

Its worth a shot checking out for sure and at least you can just have a drink there if you really arent turned on by the food… I do know the Mussels smell really good every time they bring them by me!


Thanks for the heads up on the AP discount, wehave2goback. That’s good to know.

I had been sooooo excited to try it. DM a and I planned the whole day for that meal. Well, we ended up needing ice cream after, because we were starving. Neither of us are HUGE eaters, so tapas seemed perfect, until the plates came.

The portions literally made us laugh they were so tiny. The only things that were really delicious were the lamb slider and the grape leaves.

It was so sad. On the plus side the waiter was really friendly and helpful! And it was the first time eating at Disney that we weren’t surrounded by screaming children.

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That like was for no screaming children. i had such high hopes for Spice Road too!

DH and I enjoyed it last month. Had hummus calamari and chicken skewers. We had eaten at vn at lunch and wanted a light dinner.