Spice Road Table or La Hacienda and Illuminations

I have a 7:50 pm ADR for Spice Road Table. We’d like to try to watch Illuminations while dining. Has anyone watch Illuminations from Spice Road Table? Would La Hacienda be a better option? Thanks!

I haven’t been to either but Spice Road is outside, which might be a consideration.

I have wondered about SRT for Illuminations viewing, especially now that you can make evening ADRs there (I don’t believe that you could originally). Curious to see if anyone has any experience viewing IllumiNations from there.

FWIW, the UG recommendations for getting a good table for Illuminations are to make an ADR for 1 hour and 15 minutes before the show, then arrive a few minutes before your ADR and tell the host that you would like a table where you can view the show. They are usually accommodating and will try to help you out. Also, when you are being seated, if you see a better table that is ready or about to be ready, ask if you can be seated there instead.

We had 7:50 res at SRT first week in March. Sat outside. It was cold and people kept moving away from the water. There are outdoor heaters. We ate slowly and had a pretty good view of Illuminations despite being a few tables from the water. Food was pretty good. About 25% more expensive then similar food in D.C.


LHnonly has a few window tables. If you can get one, it’s a good view. But everyone going there wants one. I’ve heard good reports about SRT viewing, but haven’t done it myself. Personally, I prefer to eat first and then find a good location to watch.