Spice Road Table DDP question

We have a reservation for Spice Road Table and I was wondering if you can get 2 small plates instead of an entree or if they consider that an appetizer. Also I could not find a kid’s menu so does that mean they can order off the adult menu for a kid’s TS? Thanks and any feedback on SPT is appreciated!

Here’s a link to the kid’s menu:
Spice Road Table kid’s menu

That site has pretty reliable and up to date menus for all the restaurants.

There have been many changes made to the dining plan since we last used it. I can’t speak to the question about swaping apps for entrees. I’m sure there are others who can let you know about that & ordering adult instead of kid’s.

We’ve eaten there and love it. The menu is for a semi adventurous palate, I’d say.

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