Spice Road or Chefs de France


Couples’ Trip for me and my husband next weekend (yay!)

On our Epcot day I have booked Spice Road at 8:20pm so we can watch the fireworks (as recommended in the Big Book).

Now I’m thinking maybe I should get a French meal for us instead, since we have a delicious Moroccan restaurant just blocks away from us at home, and that one’s completely halal. I don’t get to have French much at all, and I loved the Niçoise salad at BOG last month.

There’s a 7pm at Chefs de France, which would give us time to eat and then find a place outside to view Illuminations. Switch to that, or keep the fireworks table at Spice Road?

Or Other?

I’m looking for good food, nice, romantic ambiance, and the ability to order something without pork or wine in it (preferably vegetarian or seafood).

I didn’t eat at chefs de France, but loved spice road table. You shouldn’t have any trouble with the food options there.

I’d suggest asking for a table outside to watch the fireworks from. They gave us a great table at a window and I was thankful as it was freezing cold, but another group was so noisy I couldn’t hear anything. Might not have bothered me so much if I’d seen it before though.

Chefs did not impress me, but I think Monsieur Paul may have the best food in WDW outside of V&A (it may be a tie with Jiko). Pricey even by signature standards, but excellent.

Personally I am not a Spice Road fan. For one thing we had a bad experience there as they tried to charge us two meals credits apiece instead of one. Chefs de France was good but not exceptional. It has a good atmosphere but I don’t know if the view of the fireworks is any good. Now if you are talking Sea Food, may I suggest Cape May’s Café in the Beach Club Resort. Here they have all you can eat crab leg’s, huge cold shrimp, Claim Chowder, as well as corn on the cob and many other selections. It is a buffet so I won’t call it romantic, but the atmosphere is good and the food is great. If atmosphere is what your looking for and seafood is your thing then I guess the Coral Reef may be your answer. It is spendy and not all that great but it is not a buffet and you get to looking into the aquarium while your eating. There is always something for everyone so have a Magical time.

Thanks for the detailed tips!

Spice Road is good, but they do all “small plates”, so if it’s for a meal you’ll probably need 2 to 3 plates per person.

While there are small plates offered, I had a full meal there. (entree and sides) The menu changed a few years ago maybe. I really like Spice Road table. We had a table outside next to the water. It was perfect for Illuminations.

Good to know; I went shortly after it opened.

Preface by saying I live in DC and can be a mild food snob. Mild. We did Spice Road and enjoyed it but aren’t going back this upcoming trip because we don’t want to sacrifice another dinner option. The food was good, not amazing, but the atmosphere and view is awesome. If you have a great Moroccan place near you, you might not be impressed, but I think this is normal with Disney. I haven’t done Chefs because I think I would be sorely disappointed based on reviews about both food and service.

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We kept the Spice Road reservation and really enjoyed it. We got a cozy booth inside to stay warm and they even let us keep our daughter in the stroller since she was sleeping. Beautiful, authentic decor and attention to detail.

We had a lovely quiet evening. We liked the food, and our service was very good.

Additionally, I found they had ACTUAL halal meat there, so we were able to enjoy the amazing rack of lamb and he chicken tagine, which were both really good. Nice change from getting salmon everywhere we go.

Thanks everybody!