Spending a week in Orlando going to WDW and Universal - can I make a plan for that?

I was trying to set up my “trip” in the dashboard. We are going to be in Orlando for a week and will likely be doing three days at WDW, two at Universal and one at a water park. We are not set on going to either park on consecutive days if it makes more sense from a crowd perspective. I am not seeing that I can really do this in the system. Thoughts? Should I just pick a 3 day WDW plan and 2 day Universal plan? I am thinking I am trying to overcomplicate this…

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While Touring Plans does offer a way to make a plan for WDW & Universal there is no way to merge them into a single TP. You’ll have to make your WDW plans for the dates you are going there and USF plans separately for the dates you’ll be at those parks.

I don’t believe the templates require them to be consecutive days.

Are you going to be making you own personalized plans? Or just using the templates provided by TP?
If you are a subscriber, I’d highly recommend just making your own TP based off what you want to do / see.

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Thanks darkmite2, appreciate the response. I did subscribe and my initial thought was to use the generic Adult 2 day plan and modify it to suit our needs. This will be a big family trip with three teens, seven adults and two seniors, so planning to cater to everyone will likely be the biggest challenge. I know my Mom (her and my Dad are the seniors) would really love for all of us to stay together the whole time, but I just don’t think that will be feasible. I can see us doing 4 different plans and make them have intersecting times where we are together for a ride/attraction. Wish me luck!


When I went on our last trip I listed it as two separate trips in TP, one WDW and one Universal. We didn’t truly use touring plans’ plans for the days, more as a general guideline, so I don’t have advice about that specifically. But we did have pretty different strategies for the two.

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