Spectating RunDisney Marathon Weekend 2023

Hi All!!
My husband is hoping to get signed up for the 2023 Dopey Challenge. We have our reservations made for Dec 31-Jan 9. We will be staying at Pop, it is “our” place. :blush: I have watched a few videos, but they are single runners, or people that are staying at the upper resorts.

Knowing that this is obviously not a monorail resort, I am wondering if there are any other Liners that have been just the spectators and stayed at Pop or AoA?

I like to plan, the unknown spikes my anxiety. So concerns like the following have started to occur to me:
Can I go to the Expo with him?
Do I need to Uber, can I ride the bus with him, or are busses runners only?
Does the Skyliner operate when runs are going thru EP?
Once I’m at EP, I can just hop the monorail to MK and watch, and hop back on to EP, yes?
Is the ChEAR package worth getting (if available)?

So many questions, and I still realize we need to actually get signed up, or this will just be a fun adults only trip!

Basically, I’m wondering if there is anyone that can layout information for RunDisney Spectators just like we have all this info from Liners with parks and dining! :laughing: :purple_heart:

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You may ride the bus

Should work

Not available this past year and what I hear is its overpriced for what it is.

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Thank you!!

Yes, you can. My BIL rode the bus as a spectator (my sister was the runner).

Yes! My spectator crew did this in January. If you time it right during the full (and maybe the half?), then you may be able to see him twice if you get off at TTC and see him run through the TTC. Then walk over to Poly and see him run in front of the Poly. My crew then hopped the monorail back to Epcot was able to see us again at mile 24 by the Boardwalk. If you plan it out, for the full you could easily see your DH four times.

My spectators said they had a great time bouncing around trying to find us. Hopefully you’ll have a good time too! I know as a runner, I loved seeing them cheering us on.


Thank you, I didn’t even think about BW or TTC.

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That’s very cool. My family sleeps while I run. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then I meet them in the parks or at lunch.

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It was my very first full so they were excited too. I think if I started making it an annual thing, they may become less enthused. :sweat_smile: