Specific question re CR Atrium Club level

This December will be our 2nd at CR CL. (DH LOVES it there!)
We have booked a TPV room and as such have put in a room request for a specific room. (Obviously not sent yet.)
It is my understanding that odd numbered rooms have the bed that is facing the balcony so you can actually lie in bed and watch the fireworks.
Can anyone chime in on if this is a fact or just rumor.
Ive looked at the rooms on touring plans, but it only shows the view.
Help please and thank you!

It’s true- the even numbered rooms are still ultra magical, but the odd numbered rooms are indeed set up to see Cinderella Castle from bed. That being said, when we stayed Atrium Club level we had an even numbered room. Still loved it.

out of curiousity, which location are you requesting? the BLT end or convention or somewhere in the middle?

I imagine all of them have great views!

I am so sorry I didn’t see this.
We are staying Atrium CL and I am not sure which end? We are hoping for best views of fireworks.
Thanks so much!