Specific Question, MK, October visit

First trip, taking the kids (10,12). Week of Oct 6-13. We are making a full day of MK on Tuesday, Oct 9. Plus we have MNSSHP tickets for that night. Wednesday, which started out as a water park day, has morphed into a morning 1/2 day at AK with plans to go back to MK that afternoon\evening basically to see the fireworks show. (Wednesday is the only day during our trip that MK doesn’t have the halloween party.)

So, add to this that MK has evening EMH from 9-11, any thoughts on how crowded MK might be that evening? My gut instinct says MK will be wall-to-wall people and I may should look at alternatives.

Side question, can you make FP+ picks for MK during the hours of the Halloween Party?

Excellent site BTW. Been lurking for months trying to absorb as much as i can. Started watching the videos on youtube too. Trying to give the kids a great experience while maintaining some sanity. Thanks for your help.


Yeah looks like it will be CL 7 while the other parks will be significantly less.

I am in a very similar situation on Nov. 6. The previous day MK closes at 4:30 for CM party and I am afraid it will be the same situation. However, for now, expected CL is only 4 but I have very little faith in that number…

Different folks have different places where they draw the line on crowds, but your kids seem old enough to stick close to you and you won’t have a stroller. If they really want to do HEA I would do it. It won’t be as nice as the 9th, but if you strategize I think you’ll be fine.

There are no FPP+ during the party itself. You’ll be in the park already, so you can use 4th and subsequent FPP+ up until 6pm.


First, welcome to the forum! I think MK will be very busy at night when there is not a party, but HEA fireworks are not to be missed! You are so far ahead of most of the other guests that night: you will expect the crowds and plan for them!

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One thing you might want to consider (or not) is the dessert party. The first time we went to MK my son was 4 and the long wait to get good firework viewing spots and the jostling and tall people right in front of us and the kids on the shoulders right in front of us (I had my son in my arms but was careful to keep his head the same level as mine)…we found it difficult. So this time, I booked the dessert party. Expensive ? Yeah, it really is, but we decided to give it a try based on the reviews I read.


An aside: in our experience last year we got to ride most everything during MNSSHP with short wait times. Personally I think a full day plus the party at MK is a lot – you can get in at 4:00 and if you stay until midnight that pretty much equals a full day by itself. You might consider making the 9th your water park day with a nap before the party – then you can get the most out of it!

Going back for the fireworks will be hectic but it’s a pretty awesome show. We also did the dessert party and loved it because we could sit while waiting for fireworks and it was super un-crowded (if that’s a word).


We are in the same exact situation, and are going to MK that night because it’s the only night for HEA. I have some FP for the day, but we’ll be touring with my parents and will do a lot of the less- popular things (Hall of presidents, etc.). I doubt after all that effort anyone will even bother with the fireworks, but oh well. I’ll still go. (Maybe I should get a dessert party for just myself lol.)

It kind of stinks that they have SOOOO MANY PARTIES in October. I really didn’t anticipate that!


I looked up the dessert parties and of course there’s no availability. And the Ferrytale cruise is shut down until mid-October. I’ll keep checking though.

I looked at our plans again and noticed that Wednesday is evening EMH (9-11) at MK. Like I initially said, my plan was MK all day Tuesday (9am-11pm) then back Wednesday night for the HEA fireworks. (I am probably over-scheduling our time in the parks because I think you’re not “at Disney” unless you’re in a park. A mistake maybe.)

I’m now looking to see how best to bust up Tuesday for a break, perhaps even back to the room for a few hours after the last FP then hit MK around 6 for the evening. Then on Wednesday, after morning AK, back to the room for yet another nap\rest. Then to MK to hang out until fireworks time.

I’ve read and read that taking a break from the parks is very important. But the urge to spend each and every minute in a park…

I always used to feel the same way - however I do find that the break helps a lot.
If I want to RD every morning including EMH - then I just have to take a break, or I would end up running out of steam and never seeing anything at night LOL
Plus the lines are LONG in the afternoon, it is hotter & that is the time it is more likely to rain.