Specific park hopper questions

We will be staying at pop century from august 20 to 26 with dining plan and park hopper plus. we will be staying outside disney resorts for an additionnal 5 days. I know that we can spend 6 days in parks and an additional 6 days in water parks if I want. Can I use my 6 park tickets during my 6 days at wow resort and go to the waterparks for an additional 6 days after I change hotel? for example on the 27 th or the 28?

Yes. You have 14 days to use the tickets.

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I’m sure you probably know this, but just in case …

You have six entries to the water parks and mini golf. If you go to both water parks in one day, or a water park and mini golf, that will be two of your six entries used.

But if you go to Typhoon Laggon, leave and go back to TL later, that’s just one entry.

Just like the main parks in fact!

Thanks! It all gets so confusing: since I am switching hotels mid-trip, I wasn’t sure I could still go to the water parks after I used my 6 park tickets and switched hotels.