Specific Date Tickets with a DS Reservation that starts a day earlier - FP problem potential?

Hi! Hoping someone can ease my mind (or validate my anxiety lol). I’ve still got a few months before our FP window opens up, so for me that means lots of time to be anxious. :laughing:

We’re booked at a DS hotel - called and had the reservation linked and it appears in the MDE app. Check in on the 4th.

Last night, I purchased tickets through Undercover Tourist. We’re not doing a park on our check-in day, so I got the specific date tickets and they are valid starting the 5th. I’ve added them to the MDE app as well.

If I go to the “get FP+” option in MDE, I get a “not so fast! Does everyone have a ticket?” message. Like I said, I’ve still got a few months before my window opens up, but when the time comes, I don’t want to lose that extra-day advantage of checking into the hotel a day before my park ticket is valid. I’m worried that I’ll log on at 4 AM on my 60 day mark just to be met with the same “not so fast!” message.

TL;DR - looking for some reassurance that I won’t lose that extra day FP advantage of checking into my hotel a day before we start doing parks when I purchased tickets that aren’t valid until the day after we check-in. Thanks!

You won’t lose any advantage. Your 60 day window will still open up, but only at 7am, not 4am! If you logged on at 4am, you will still get that message.

What might happen is that you get an email warning that your FPs may get deleted, because you will be more than 60 days out from your first FP. Don’t worry, the FPs won’t be deleted (by the time they run a sweep, you’ll be within 60 days and it’ll be fine).

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It would be 4am if you’re on the West Coast, though, wouldn’t it?


Yep, West Coaster here. Waking up that early will be worth it as long as I can get into the system!


Thanks so much!

Im a bit confused. Is that message standard if ur early, or are u having a prob where someone isn’t linked?

That message is standard when you go into the FP booking page before your 60 day window.

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