Special requests by mobile order?

Can you make special requests for food by mobile order? Like “no salt” or “hold the pickles” or “slightly char the outside, leave the inside at precisly 117 degress for 3 minutes, put extra cheese one half and no cheese on the other”?

I went in right now and could not find a way to make any special requests.

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Yeah even regular orders can be tricky in mobile order since some menu items are not offered a la carte or at all. Like once I wanted to order an extra kid’s drink and I could only order it as part of the kid’s meal. So I had to either pay for the full meal or go wait in line.

There is no free form text that I saw, but there were some “hold the pickle” sorts of options.

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You can actually go in the app right now with no tickets and try ordering whatever you want and even buy it if you wanted to. :joy: I don’t recommend that.


Although it won’t actually charge you (I believe) because it won’t recognize that you are there. Or at least that was my experience in the parks when I was too far away and was trying to get them to make my food while I was enroute.

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It’s been awhile, but iirc David from FreshBaked was once demonstrating how to use the mobile order app and mistakenly placed and paid for an order from home. lol. I think this was pretty soon after it’s role out though so maybe they fixed that.


LOL! I guess I will assume that is still a possibility and not test my luck! Maybe when my friend goes back I will buy her a snack and see if it works.

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