Special Request from my 14 year old Daughter

Ok, so this is not from me, but from my 14 year old daughter. Apparently there is something called Sephora??? I think its a shop that sells make up etc. Does anyone know where this is and do they have other shops like discounted Disney clothes, designer closed discounted etc? Thanks again xx

Our local JCPenney has a Sephora. It is the make-up section.

Yes, she says it ONLY sells makeup??? :wink:

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It is located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs. There are many stores in that area. Discounted Disney clothing should be available in the large two-story store (what is the name?).

Perfect! She’s smiling, so for a teenage girl that GREAT :slight_smile: x

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Perfect thank you so much x

If you go there, I suggest bringing cash to pay, if at all possible. Why? Because last time we were there, the line was excessively long and they only had ONE cashier that would accept credit cards. If you weren’t paying with cash, your wait was very long. We waited 20 minutes and finally just decided NOT to buy the items we had picked out since we don’t typically carry cash.

BUT, having said that, they have a lot of cool/cute clothes at a very reasonable price, including many Disney exclusive items.

ETA: I’m talking about UNIQLO, not Sephora…just to be clear!

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