Special Offers with Existing Reservations

Hi Liners, What happens if you make a Disney Hotel reservation (value resort) at a standard rack rate, and later Disney introduces a special offer and you want to upgrade to a moderate or deluxe. Can you change your hotel reservation without penalty?

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As far as I know, yes.

I just did this with our trip. We were reserved at Pop and the discounts were announced. I called and got us upgraded to POR for just $100 extra for the entire trip!

I have changed reservations multiple times and there has never been a penalty.i have switched resorts completely, applied discounts, split stays…doesn’t everyone?

I just did this as well. I got a PIN and called Disney and they were able to apply it to my already booked trip. Definitely check it out. I was able to upgrade our hotel and now we get to try out AKL.

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