Special Needs Access - Peter Pan and Small World

I last visited WDW in May 2014 and due to my daughter’s physical issues we obtained a ‘stroller as a wheelchair’ tag for use in all parks. At MK, specifically the Peter Pan and Small World rides, cast members passed out return times for us similar to a fastpass ticket (they would manually fill out the form which included a return window). Does anyone know if this practice still exists? We were still able to ride other attractions while we waited for our window to open up.

When I was there in September 2015 I met up with friends who were in wheelchairs and were using crutches. They had the SNA pass and they were given hand written fast passes with return time windows for Jungle Cruise, so as far as I know the practice still exists.

Wheelchair return times are given at many rides with “alternate” entrances and/or special ride vehicles (WAVs), that can get very busy. They can be handed out at BTMR, Small World, Jungle Cruise, Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land. I may not be remembering them all. Your times may differ if you have a FPP, I am not sure.