Special Extras for WDW opinions needed! Please!

For our two WDW trips in early 2023 I’m looking at some of the tours and special extras that might be available (I’m hoping by then these will all be an option even if they aren’t running now). (WAT is not an option at the moment due to weight and mobility issues for DH).

Sense of Africa
Starlight Safari
Caring for Giants
Up Close with Rhinos

Gardens of the World
Behind the Seeds

Disney Magic Behind Steam Trains

Also, how are cabanas at YC/BC? Are they worth the cost?


Doing this late next week - will report back on how it is

LOVED Caring for Giants
And many friends love the Sense of Africa


Thanks! I look forward to hearing about it! :grin:

I’ve done a cabana at BC and I appreciated the space for my kiddos and not having to worry about going and getting our lunch and such. But the afternoon thunderstorms closed the pool so we only got half a day’s worth and had to pay full price. There were also plenty of chairs available when the pool opened in the am. So for me, the value was entirely because of my family situation. Given your ECV situation, it may provide peace of mind for pool day logistics for you, which isn’t nothing. But only you would know how valuable that is for you. I’d probably do one of the other things first personally if you can only afford one.

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Keys to the Kingdom if kids aren’t too young ( takes a while).

Behind the Seeds is nice a relaxing.

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No kids. However, because of its length we aren’t considering Keys to the Kingdom. 5 hours just feels too long. 3-3.5 is probably our limit.

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