Special Dining ADR's

I know some special dining (the 2 I’m concerned with being CG Celebration at the Top and HBD Dine With An Imagineer) availability are not released at the 180 day mark, and that I would need to check periodically for release. However, I noticed today that on the calendar for both, not only are the dates grey, but the week that I am going to WDW (11/24-12/1; December calendar isn’t available yet) is also shaded a very light blue:

At first I noticed only Celebration was like this, and didn’t think much of it because I know it’s a newer event, and Disney may be deciding if they will continue offering it and when. But after noticing Dine With An Imagineer is also shaded in blue that week, now I am worried that this means that those events will not be offered that week?

Can anyone confirm what the light blue shading means? Of course, I will keep an eye to see if that disappears/availability opens but with my 180 next week, I need to plan for back up reservations. Thanks!

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When they load times into the system first the dates show as blue and then times are loaded. Sometimes they do this in batches . Of course they may also not offer them during the holidays?

When I booked Dining with an Imagineer, it was available at 180 days. That was in November 2015 for May 2016 trip.

There are blue boxes around those dates. I know the numbers become blue when the 180 day is reached. I didn’t see the blue boxes on those dates if you’re just trying to make a regular reservation at these restaurants. (However, now that I just looked again, I don’t see any blue boxes. I swear I’m not crazy!)

Thanks! Was it the first ADR you tried to make? I feel like it has to be mine, esp. since it’s for my 3rd day, and BOG is for my last day.

Lol- when I looked there were not any blue boxes from Thanksgiving on for HBD and the Clebration one did not have any blue boxes after August.

Yes, book it first. There are only 10-12 spots.

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A guess: Imagineers take holidays Thanksgiving & Xmas, but at this point, they don’t know who is around when versus on vacation, so they will sort availability closer to that date.

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Thanks for your input…That’s what I was thinking. I will try first thing, but imagine that I may have to wait, similar to ROL Dining Package.

When I went around the holidays 2 years ago they didnt offer dine w/an imagineer during the entire 10 days I was there.

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