Speaking of park hours - is this a typo?

I’m re-reviewing my plans for 12 days from now, as you do, and I’m seeing that every day of my trip MK is open 9a-11p (with EEH on Wed 4/27) EXCEPT for 4/25 when it is showing as closing at 10p

I wondered if it had to do with it being EEH hours at EP, but on no other Monday this month does it close at 10p

Any thoughts about this? Typo? Something else? WDW being WDW?


Maybe they have some testing planned for that night and want to get people out early? Or a private event booked a land and they just figured it was easier closing the entire park early?

Does seem weird it is only the one night.

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I assumed WDW being WDW…but :person_shrugging:

You in MK that night or Epcot?

Epcot actually for EEH so I don’t know why I care LOL


Because you’re a Liner? :sweat_smile:

ETA: and why did the forum bring me up this old post like it would be important to me?!?