Spas in Orlando

Does anyone know how the spas are in Orlando? Particularly, we are looking at the Waldorf Astoria, Senses at the Grand Floridian, The Ritz Carlton, and the Four Seasons. Has anyone tried any of them? We’re celebrating our honeymoon and was just curious. Thanks in advance for your help.

If you do the golf ball massage at the Four Seasons, let me know. I’m very curious about that one!

Unfortunately i can’t recommend one, however, as a bit of advice if you have the ability to travel off site I probably would. The spa’s on site are probably going to be much higher than you’d pay elsewhere. I know we’ve had one report of a manicure at GF being around $85 which seems really high to me, not that I get a lot of them lol. There are lots of nice areas in town and price checking would probably be worth your time.

I have gone to the spa at GF twice and my massage was wonderful! In the woman’s locker room they have a separate room for relaxing while reading and also another room with a sauna and hot tub. Very relaxing! I would recommend it.

Thank you very much. Senses at GF sounds fantastic and it seems like they are the place to go in WDW. Thanks again.

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We have an entire chapter in the Unofficial Guide on Orlando-area spas. The Grand Flo is the best, followed by the one at the Ritz. We’re evaluating the Four Seasons soon. I’m sure it’s fabulous.

Wow! I bought the book last night and Disneyland 2015 as well. Just wanted to say I tried your book for my marriage proposal trip. It was all 10 out of 10 BUSY but we never noticed it. Thank you-were strong believers in your system. You saved us so much time and money.

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For what it’s worth, we have a set of researchers whose job is to evaluate spas. They get a massage, manicure, and pedicure at each place, on separate days, to evaluate the staff.

Everyone wants this job, until I tell them about the time someone lost an eyebrow in a waxing gone bad. (It took 6 months to re-grow.)


I would have paid money to see someone try and file worker’s comp on that one. I would say that it might have caused some raised eyebrows down at the worker’s comp office, but that probably would be an insensitive statement. (cringe)

Finally back from our month-long honeymoon and we tried Senses at GF, the Waldorf Astoria Spa, and the Ritz Carlton Spa. I thoroughly enjoyed all three of them. In regards to the Unofficial Guide’s assessment, I respectfully disagree. I thought the Ritz won top honors. I don’t think their facilities are dated at all (even though one of our therapists said it was). I disagreed with her, but she said they are going to start a $5,000,000 renovation next year, so I think soon it will jump back to # 1, although I enjoyed myself there. But again, I’m reviewing from the Men’s side. I believe the contributors for the Unofficial Guide are geared more towards women. My wife said that her side was too crowded.

The bathroom, locker room, steam room, and sauna was fairly larger than Senses. Our therapists did wonders and they were on point. I particularly enjoyed the strawberry pretzels they had in the co-ed waiting room, which was also comfy.
The Waldorf’s Spa was amazing too. I felt their facilities were much more on par than at Senses. They had a larger waiting area and I had the whole space to myself for about two hours. Senses was great too, but the sauna, showers, and waiting areas were smaller. We did get an AP holder’s 15% discount off our services. The towel warmers at the WA and Senses were much welcomed.

The massages at all three were perfect. We loved it and would definitely return. On a side note (personal one I guess), all three would not even compare to the Spa Resort I work at in Hawaii. I’ve been to a lot of spas in the US and Hawaii, and I still have not found one that matches us. But this is more about things in Disneyworld so that’s another story.

But if you ever get the chance, go try them out. It was incredible and relaxing.

Also forgot to add the services we had:

Ritz Carlton (80 minutes)

Couples Signature Massage (added Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage)
Couples Bath

Waldorf Astoria Spa (80 Minutes)

Silk Stone Caress Massage
Swedish Massage

Senses at GF (80 Minutes)

GF Signature Massages and Body Wraps