Spaceship Earth~One Time per Trip or more?

Is this an attraction we should plan on doing every day that we will be in Epcot? Or is this more of a once and done? It's me, husband, 14, 4, and 4 months.

That would be up to you. See how everyone likes it and take it from there. We usually do it multiple times (sometimes just to sit and get some a.c.). I wouldn't plan on it being a must do each time unless you fall in love with it.

We were surprised at how much we enjoyed it! Loved picking something different for the movie at the end and cracking each other up with our pictures. smile

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My DD18 loves this ride she will ride it multiple times per Disney trip smile

I was VERY surprised at how much my kids enjoyed it. They are more excited to ride SE than Soarin. blush They got the biggest kick out of their "future" results.

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Love spaceship earth. I've made multiple FP

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We love it & go on multiple times per trip.

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Ok, I will do it....I love EP! There are days I will tell you that it is my favorite park. The only attraction I want to do every trip in EP is Soarin.

It is one of my favorites. We ride it multiple times.

I love the ride and I never miss it on a visit. If I have multiple days in EP I will frequently ride it each day (if the lines are short). But if I only fit it in once per trip, I'm not heartbroken.

We also were surprised how much we loved it! We do it at least twice.

Multiple times, one of my favorites. The line goes quickly if you have to wait.

Because the lines are so short, and for some reason, my 3 kids under 10 love it, they could literally go 10 times a day if time permits.

We have never stayed for the games at the end. Anything fun in there?

Some of the games are interesting. DD 5 likes to check them out. Nice if it is hot out and you have some time to spend there.

I love spaceship earth, but sadly my family does not share my level of joy. So we usually go once or maybe twice if they are tired and hot. My favorite part is the smell in the burning of Rome. You will have to go once and see how your family enjoys it. Good luck!

Thanks everybody! I've got it planned for each day that we are at Epcot. Can always change on the fly if we need to.