Spaceship Earth light show

Is the Spaceship Earth light show a “forever” thing or is it a just for a limited time? We missed seeing it when we were at Epcot a couple of weeks ago.

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I haven’t heard anything one way or another. I’m hoping it is here to stay.

I don’t think they would have installed all the LEDs if they didn’t intend to use them.

Whether they continue with the different shows or just revert to one is another question. I haven’t read about any changes planned, but I seem to remember one of the versions uses music from Epcot past, so maybe that will stop running.

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I know the lights were a permanent addition, but I’m not sure what shows they will run with them in the future.


I think the small portion of the show that is a “Beacon of Magic” will go away but the shows with music that have been changing with each festival are here to stay.

I honestly think there would be a lot of bad press if they did away with the best thing that came out of the 50th :grin:


Thanks, everybody. We were so sad our dinner took longer than expected and we missed the show. I’m happy to hear that the lights will stay. We thought they wouldn’t remove them after the 50th anniversary, but then again they spent all that money for Harmonious and they’re removing it. So that made our wonder.

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But I think that’s because a large subset of people do not like Harmonious. I thought I heard something of tech problems as well.

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It generated the worst Guest Satisfaction ratings ever seen and caused shockwaves amongst the management team apparently.


I’ve never seen it :grimacing: I will try to do this on Friday. I just can’t stand the crowds. I’m trying to research the best (least congested) places to stand. I’m thinking near IG/ France area. But I’ve seen mention of near Japan too.

@Dreamer’s pics from Japan are gorgeous. I’d pick that one for sure.

I think the show is great. It’s the tacos and broken down ferris wheel/stargate that makes it a travesty, for me anyway. I wonder if a lot of the satisfaction rating is due to that?