Space themed restaurant at Epcot

I heard that there is a new space themed TS restaurant at Epcot opening sometime this year. Has anyone heard about it? Do you think it will be open by 8/17-25?

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It’s still under construction, although the bones of the building was there already.

The space for the huge screen for example is being worked on.

The job advert for Patina that was posted in Europe said a start of May/June, but that would include general CM training too. I think “Fall” was mentioned - again! It’s the stock answer for everything it seems.

Keep watching, they’ll,announce it before taking bookings.

Thanks! I will keep an eye out for it and hope that it opens before our trip. It sounds so cool!

Its called Space 220, as in the International Space Station is 220 miles above earth. Fully enclosed. The “windows” are large projection screens looking out into space. We are going in Mid September, and I am closely watching for this one.

I’d think it should be open by then.

Also talk of the elevator up to the dining area being themed with screens and a Spaceship feel.

Sounds so cool. It will definitely be something I’ll be booking. Apparently in the hours following the announcement at the D23 the phone lines at Disney Dining were jammed with calls trying to book!


I heard they were struggling with how to account for the noise and vibration caused by TestTrack. Does anyone know if they worked that out?

That was a load of {]€$¥_[8<_4 started by one of the more clueless bloggers.

With the thickness of the walls, especially those surrounding the huge circular screens, there was never going to be a real problem.

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It sounds awesome! I hope it is ready for August!

We arrive in June and I’m stalking the net for official info when this opens, if possible dropping a Showcase res for this. I’m a space nut so DH will forgive me lol

oh good. I never heard anything more about it and never followed up on it myself.