Space Mountain Star Wars overlay

Question about the Star Wars overlay… Does anyone know how long it will be up? We’re visiting in 21 days and we specifically planned this time so that Space wouldn’t have an overlay (Ghost Galaxy) and now it’s going to have a Star Wars overlay and I am NOT impressed! I wanted to see Star Wars as I have never seen any of the movies but unfortunately now I no longer have any interest. Disney is starting to over saturate the parks with Star Wars, just like it did Frozen. I’m assuming the overlay will still be in place due to the Star Wars events going on during the weekends :frowning:

It will be up for quite awhile. We just got home today and rode this yesterday. It was a amazing! Better than the the original my family thought, and we aren’t even Star Wars fans. Star Wars has taken over Tomorrowland there- the restaurant Tomorrowland Terrace even changed its name and the name of the food it serves on Friday. It really was well done, I think you will enjoy it, Star Wars fan or not.

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There is no announced end date. It’s probably going until at least March/April 2016 would be my guess.

I agree that Frozen gets pushed way too much and maybe Star Wars does too, but at least Star Wars has cooler music, effects and characters… And this is coming from someone who went and loved Frozen in theaters 4 times… But I am over it; however, Star Wars overlay is pretty cool in Tomorowland.

The Path of the Jedi is a movie they are showing in the Tomorrowland theater and it does a really good job of giving you the whole story from all the previous movies with a sneak peak at the newest one. So if you’ve never seen it this is a great “primer” to the whole series. My 2 year old daughter even loved it. However, it does have all the spoilers of the big reveal moments from the serioes so beware that those will be ruined for you if you see these before watching all the movies.

The Star Tours ride and Jedi Training Academy have re-vamped for the new movie including new scenes and characters. And the former Innoventions building has a meet n greet, gift shop and all things Star Wars level. The 2nd level has similar for Marvel superheroes. Also the Tomorrowland Terrace counter service has all been converted to Star Wars now being called the Galactic Grill.

Lastly Space, it will be back eventually, one day, but for now they did one overlay right after the other. FWIW we were there during the soft launch the weekend before and it was really really cool. It wasn’t as dark as regular Space because the projections added some light into the room at times you could see the track, but the projections were all well done and the ending was really really cool. We had a cart that was cheering as we embarked on the ride, hollering and enjoying the ride during, and clapping, cheering as we came in after the finale.

So I totally agree with @Wahoohokie, Star Wars fan or not, it’s all very well done. Which you really cannot say about Frozen. Well, ok maybe a little bit, but I still might be irked about Aladdin getting the boot for another Frozen attraction.


OK, I’m feeling a little better about it. Maybe we will try and watch the Star Wars movies before we go, that way we might appreciate it a bit more!! Thanks for the responses!! :smile:

In case anyone is still looking, it looks like Hyperspace Mountain is up through Labor Day, then goes down for a while (through Sept. 11th so far).