Space Mountain - Ride Duration?

Hi @len! When I’m creating my plans for my upcoming trip it’s showing Space Mountain ride duration at 10 minutes. I also clicked on rider swap and with that selection it jumps up to a 25 minute ride duration. I only wish it was that long, however from looking at youtube videos it looks like it’s real only 3 to 4 minutes long, Here’s a link to my plans so far:

The ride duration includes the time to walk from the entrance to the loading platform and from the unloading platform to the exit, so it is longer than the actual ride itself.

Hey @Luv2adoptStitch! The ride time includes both rides, the walks back out the exit, and the minor wait time for the second ride. It may not be exactly 25 minutes, but it should be close.

If we’re being too pessimistic with that 25 minutes, though, you can always head to the next ride or re-optimize after the step. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

Forgot about that long trek back out now that makes more sense. Thanks!

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