Space 220 webpage change

The webpage changed at
from “Coming This Winter!” to:

I don’t think removing that seasonal deadline bodes well.

I guess it’s better than:


Now for ADRs to open up!! :smile:

I’d be happy with an actual opening day, so I can stop getting my hopes up for lunch on 4/1!

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This article suggests a possible opening date:

“ Next month, Patina Restaurant Group (PRG) is set to launch into space with the opening of Space 220 inside EPCOT Center, ”

Article was linked to in this Disney Food Blog article:


When I clicked on the page, it still says opening this winter, but the print is smaller.

Weird, I still see Coming Soon!
I wonder if your page is cached - if you were to go to the site in Incognito mode, I wonder if you’d see differently.

It says coming soon, but if you look at the line after that, where it says Dine among the stars, it says “opening this winter” at the end.

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I see what you’re talking about now.

Tis a shame… Winter is Going.

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But if it is opening in April, that is spring. Disney has a very strange take on seasons. Halloween in August, May being spring or summer depending on their preference, April being winter. It is all very confusing.


You’d think this thing had 4 ride systems or something for the amount of delays it’s had. Started with Opening Late 2019, became This Winter, became Coming Soon. It’s just a restaurant!

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The rumour is that a massive curved pane of glass, that is used in the curved wall you can see from outside, was cracked and the replacement was taking weeks to recut.

At first I was convinced that was a joke, but it seems it might be true.



We keep talking about it opening in Winter.

But we are assuming Earth’s winter.

We have no idea which winter, in which galaxy far far away they might be talking about!


This makes me worried it is talking about Hoth, where it is eternally winter. :cold_face:


Could just be Australia’s winter.

Ahhh, you are correct. That clears it up perfectly! And another planet may have a 10,000 day year, effectively making their “this winter” correspond with our July 2043! Guess I’ll stop stalking the page then. :laughing: