Space 220 walk up to bar

DFB reported being that walk ups for bar seating at Space 220 are first come first serve.
Please report back if anyone tries this. We make a last minute trip plan and would love to try this. Reservations are long gone.


Planning on trying this on Saturday. Just wondering how early I need to be there to get on the list.

And how the list works, please? We got hosed with the IT issues and I really want to go.

I look forward to hearing about your experience. We are going to Epcot on our arrival day on Oct 7.

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I have done Nomad Lounge before and just show up when the restaurant is scheduled to open. They will put your name on the list, if there is one at the time, and you will get a notification when it is time for you to return. I am guessing this will work the same way. I am just wondering what time the CM’s will be at the entrance of the restaurant to accept you onto the waitlist. Or if it will be in the app. Hmmm…?

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Did you have any luck?

I tried this last Friday but abandoned my plans when the CM at the door said he estimated the wait at 4 hours.

The line begins at the host stand to the right of the Mission Space entrance and wraps around the building towards Test Track. There is no virtual queue or other check in. One waits in line and goes in when there is a free place in the lounge.

What was unclear was if guests were taken in as spots opened or only when the lounge cleared out entirely. The CM on Friday was unclear and after he said “four hours” clarity wasn’t important.

I went back Saturday with a regular reservation and walked through the lounge area, which is only separated from the rest of the room by a low railing. The lounge tables were all four tops and there were maybe 10-12 seats at the bar. Why I’m confused about how guests are let in is that the lounge was full when I went in at noon and down to just two guests when we left at 1:30. The line outside was still nearly as long as Friday. So guests may be taken in in groups of multiple parties but that’s just a guess based on what I saw and there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason for that.


Oh, I forgot about this one. Sorry I didn’t update sooner.

Unfortunately, our EPCOT day had a wrench thrown into it when one of my boys left something back at the room and realized it as we entered the park. so, after my wife made a skyliner trip back to the room for it, our plan was completely derailed, and I was not going to try to crowbar one more thing into it.

It seems to be in “chunks” - as there were 4 separate groups that we were chatting with in line, we all got in at almost the same time and most of us were seated at the bar. (Groups of 4 got a table) They stopped the line around 2:30, they would not let people into standby line again until 4 pm (although people lined up to go in the standby line🤦‍♀️) and that line would close by 6:30 pm.

What we learned, If you get in line around 2 pm, you will have a shorter wait. (As long as you are in line before they close it)

Hmm, do you think that’s consistent? We’re planning to go first thing on a Friday. But could also go when park hopping opens on a Wednesday.

I could not say, I can only speak of my experience from yesterday. The line barely moved for an hour (only 2 parties got in) then suddenly most of us got in after they closed the standby line. It was worth it for the experience.

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So to order off the dinner menu what time should I get there? 4/4:30?

They closed the lunch stand by line at around 2:30. Said it would open again at 4 pm for dinner. When we left at 3:30ish people were in line…to join the stand by line.

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