Space 220 Lounge Menu in the Restaurant

Has anyone tried to swap out appetizers from the lounge menu when eating in the restaurant? I can see them saying no to the Lobster Roll because it’s twice the price, but all the other items are the same or cheaper than the restaurant appetizers (based on the price of the Calamari that is on both menus). Those Short Rib Sliders, Chicken on Waffles, and Astro Deviled Eggs all sound right up my group’s alley!


I have been coveting the burrata, so I would be interested in knowing as well

I have an ADR for the lounge on 1/16.


Not an answer to your question, but did reservations for this open up for February yet? Did I miss it?


No, and I’ve been checking consistently. I also have a TP reservation finder. It still says something like “Calendar hasn’t been loaded”. But January has the normal “no reservations available”.


We weren’t able to substitute, but we were able to order from the lounge menu, in addition to the prix fixe. The deviled eggs were amazing! Hope this is helpful.

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Very helpful! Thank you!

Guess it’s a good thing that calories and money don’t count at Disney :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This is my mantra as well!

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If they haven’t opened up February I guess that means that I’ve got a while to go before I can book for March….

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Some reservations were just released, because I picked one up for March 4. I can’t see how it could have been all of them, though, because I got a reservation finder at 6:14am and by the time I looked at 6:30 the only thing available was 4:35.

I got 2/5 this morning as well - they had several options throughout the day available

My res finder text came at 4:15. I had two dates set - one for early February and one for my actual Epcot day.

And of course zero availability on Feb 17

So weird. I’m officially annoyed. I picked up one on the 16th just in case I want to flip around our days, but I don’t know that I do. So booo.

I got the text at 4-something this morning, when I had DoNotDisturb on. Looks like I missed my chance.

Sometimes I get this message “Sorry!
There are no times available between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM.”

Well, now I can’t get the other message. Something about “Unable to search” try again later.

So, maybe the system is just messing up.

I don’t know when/how my do not disturb was turned off, or why my sound was even on for my phone (it’s often off), but it woke me up! And of course then I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m not even sure it was worth it.

But when I looked there was availability every day I checked except for the 17th. I wonder what is going on?

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Maybe it is my browser, what do you see for the 2/10 or 2/11. Mid-afternoon is best.

There was still availability at 6:30 this morning when I looked again, but I’m seeing zilch now.

So sorry!

Oh, well, of the ADR’s that made the cut this was the least interesting. The plan wasn’t for a full meal. A drink each and shared app. then leave quickly. Basically the dining version of the Vacation Movie Grand Canyon nod.

I think I’ll make my res finder more precise and turn off Do Not Disturb.

ETA: I made the rookie mistake of mentioning to DD why I was turning Do Not Disturb off on my phone. (So I would hear a text about Space 220). Now she really really wants to see it. (Sigh) So so dumb.

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