Space 220 booking?

We are about to book our ADRs for our November trip, our 60 day window opens on Sunday 9/19. Can I book Space 220? I know it will be open when we are at WDW, but I haven’t heard about menu or if we can even book it yet.

Not yet. No ADRs released. No menu either.

I sense a hold in the countdown to liftoff…



Thanks, it is a bit suspicious that we don’t have any details yet.


I think it’s going to open with walk-ups only. Not sure when they’ll open ADRs.

You can however set up a request in the reservation finder for the dates that work for you. Hopefully then you’ll get an alert when they do open.

It would be super cool if they did that on the down low this week. You know, to “train”

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So far one of the less discusses features of the new genie system is ability for walk up reservations….

I am wondering if space220 will be part of the genie walk ups…

We’re planning to be in EP on 9/20 so we may wander by and see if it’s open. I’m not fond of space stuff, so it’s not on my must do list.

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That’s disappointing. Our window opens in 2 days and Space 220 is on our list

I mean they even have menus for Steakhouse 71 now in the Contemporary:

I think Space 220 only exists in the Twilight Zone…there was a line from the old Alice in Wonderland TV movie with Sally Struthers. One of the characters said to Alice, “Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never ever jam today” and I believe she sang a song about it. That’s about when you can eat at Space 220.


On 9/20 you can

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As I predicted, it will be opening for the first week as walk-ups only.

Reservations from the 27th onwards can be made starting the 20th (opening day).

Space 220 has unveiled its prix fixe menu and pricing.

Adults: $79 (dinner) and $55 (lunch)
Kids: $29 (lunch and dinner)

Restaurant opens on Sept. 20.