Souvenir Shopping: In Park vs. Disney Springs

Just wanted to see people’s thoughts on doing souvenir shopping while we’re in the parks or hitting up World of Disney at Disney Springs. We will be in the parks for 5 days and then staying in the Orlando area for a few days after our Disney stay. We’re already planning on checking out Disney Springs one of our non-park days. Must have specialty souvenirs for this trip are a Build-Your-Own Lightsaber and Droid Factory for my son. Other than that, we’re looking for your typical souvenirs…picture frames, photo albums, coffee mugs, shirts, etc.

Even if we decide to do most of our shopping at Disney Springs, we’ll probably still browse in the parks as we go along. Just curious the difference in offerings between shops in the parks versus World of Disney and Star Wars Galactic Outpost. Thanks!

Don’t forget “Once Upon a Toy”. I think that’s where the light saber building is… if you don’t do it in Hollywood Studios.

There are some souvenirs that are specific to certain parks only, like the Figment sovenirs. When you’re in the parks, if you see something you like, but want to think about it, ask at the desk if it’s available at other locations, so you’re not disappointed.

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If you spot something you really like, buy it then rather than hunt for it later in a different location.
Another location that seems to have exclusives is Animal Kingdom. A CM told me once that AK is often the park where they send merchandise initially before having it “worldwide”.

If you have your own car, you could also check out the outlet stores. There are 2 in the area and they get all the stuff that didn’t sell well the first time around.


For the run of the mill stuff like shirts, magnets, etc… I highly recommend the Outlet store which is very close to the parks. We got great deals there last time. Pins for as little as a dollar shirts at half prices, scarves, toys, hats… they have a lot of discounted merchandise there. A lot of is simply discontinued but still perfectly good with the WDW logo all over it at 1/3 of the price.


If you appreciate the history of the parks, the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs has some great (and obscenely expensive) t-shirts and other merchandise that is otherwise hard to find.

As for in-park shopping, I’ll usually pass through Mouse Gear or Emporium on my way out of the parks after closing time or just before taking an afternoon break. That way I’m not spending time when I could’ve been visiting attractions.

I’ll also join in the chorus suggesting the two Disney Character Warehouse stores at the Premium Outlets (on International Drive and also near Disney Springs). You won’t know what you’ll find, but there are always discounted t-shirts, plush, pins, and other items that were leftover from the parks when new merchandise arrived. There’s often seasonal merchandise, too, especially if you go right after Halloween or Christmas.

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As others have said, a lot of the “standard Disney souvenir” items are available in DS. But there are also park-specific items that may NOT be at DS - especially ride-specific items. Also, a lot of the items in the shops in WS are available ONLY in those shops. I do not buy a lot of souvenirs, but if I see something I really like, I will buy it in the park where I saw it.

Another vote for buy it when you see it - DH saw a Star Wars mug that he wanted in HS and then couldn’t find it in Disney Springs! I’m going to order it through the Parks Shopping app and surprise him with it for our anniversary.

Thanks for the info everyone! I think we will browse the shops around the specific attractions and buy if we see something we like. Otherwise, save your more “traditional” souvenirs for DS.

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That pretty much sums it up :slight_smile:

Also, if you have the Shop Disney Parks app, if you see something you like at say, MK, if you scan the barcode, it’ll tell you everywhere in WDW they sell it, and if it is in stock. I loved using it in the parks and later at home. They also ofter have great shipping deals.


Great point!

I found that DS was great for things like the Toy Store but I honestly thought the parks had the same if not better selection of souviners last week.

Collectively, the parks have a much larger selection than DS; World of Disney is kind of “the best of” what’s in the parks. By the same token, there is some merchandise that you can find in DS that’s not in the parks.

I used to love the Co-Op since there were so many unique items, but I saw almost everything there in the parks last week!