Souvenir cups

I was researching the freestyle cups, and in doing so, discovered the souvenir cup. I read that you can purchase a souvenir cup (like a Butterbeer one for around $13.99) and get refills for $1.49 at most restaurants. I just wanted to make sure the info was still accurate. Most of the articles were older and I couldn’t find anything on Universal’s website.

Thanks :blush:

OI keeps their pages updated. Great info here, looks like $1.49 is still accurate:

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To be clear, if you buy a Butterbeer cup, they will fill it with Butterbeer, but not at a discount.

The souvenir cup, IME, in not the least expensive way to buy soda or slushes. If you want drinks for the day you should consider the Freestyle cup. It’s typically $17.99.

I know $13.99 is $4 cheaper, but after one refill of the Souvenir cup you’ve almost paid as much as a Freestyle Cup

The Freestyle cup “pays for itself” after two sodas and/or slushes (Slush refills are included with your free style cup)

Also, if staying on-site you have to get a separate Freestyle cup to use at the hotels. (At least there you can pay $19.99 and get unlimited days of use)

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Okay, I’m glad I asked, because that’s not how I understood it. I thought the articles said I could use any souvenir cup for $1.49 refills for soda. And if I wanted a Butterbeer refill, I’d pay full price.

The freestyle cup doesn’t really work for me. I’ll likely only buy one (maybe 2?) sodas per day.

That is correct. I was not clear. They’ll put Butterbeer in it if that what you want. However, you’ll pay full price.

I was trying to say they wouldn’t fill a soda souvenir cup with BB at a discount.

You can buy a separate “Butterbeer Mug” that Universal will refill with Butterbeer at full price or soda at a discount

Does that help??

They have soooo many cup options!! (Too many really! I’d pay triple to have one cup that worked at hotels, parks, CityWalk, Volcano Bay!!)

If you buy this mug, they’ll refill it with both soda and slushes for $1.49 & BB at full price


I don’t understand why this isn’t a thing.
It would be so convenient!

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Okay, so let me make sure I understand :crazy_face:

I can buy a Butterbeer souvenir cup for $13.99 and then use that cup for soda refills for $1.49?

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Sorry, I’m juggling a few thigs at my desk. I wasn’t giving your question my full attention. I’m here 100% now!

My confusion came because I was trying to explain that you can’t get Butterbeer in these mugs

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We must have been writing at the same time😊
I think I’ve got it now.

One more silly question…does the initial purchase of the souvenir cup include a serving of Butterbeer or is it just the cup?

They fill it with Butterbeer when you buy it

Thanks again!

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Although you can buy the cup on its own as a souvenir without the drink.
I’m unsure of the price differential.

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So…this is a bit of a game changer. Not only for the butterbeer mug…but the OI page says that if you paid more then $8.99 for your souvenir cup (including Freestyle) then you can use it for $1.49 soda refills.

This suggests that you should bring your resort souvenir mug into the parks to get $1.49 refills! Or that if you buy a Freestyle Mug on day one, you can continue using it the rest of the trip for $1.49 refills.

Is this correct? If so…this can save a lot of money!

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This would be interesting… I pay $19.99 for “length of stay” use for my hotel cup. If I could just buy that one cup and refill it cheaply, I’d consider it!

This you can do! I’ve seen local people doing it with their JP 30th Anniversary Freestyle cups


Here is the OI site text…

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It will save me money. I will buy a Butterbeer anyway, so for $5.50 more I get the souvenir cup and refills for $1.49. I’d likely only drink soda with one meal per day, so I’ll save money this way.

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I’d be very interested to know if you can refill a resort cup for $1.49…

Either way, that would still be good value, but I’ll just highlight that there is a difference in size between the resort cups and park freestyle cups in case anyone is looking for optimum value :laughing: