Southwest's credit timeline question

After I booked a flight in September, the price started to come down and I’ve been able to accumulate $36 in credit so far… however, per SW’s rules the “credit” goes toward your next flight. Which is fine.

However, there’s an apparent timeline on when this credit can be used? Which is, per their site, only 3 months? Does that sound right or will it extend to 1 year(like I was expecting) once the original flight actually happens?

I tried to search it out on their site, but I could only find anything on the official timeline.

Another question:
I’m also continually checking the price of the flights and it was allowing me to choose new flights and the change impact it would have(whether the flight would cost more or less), but, this morning, everything is free to change…will that switch back?

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Don’t know on the former, but on the latter question, if I’m understanding it correctly, it is always free to change on Southwest. They just charge you the difference in current price versus what you already paid. SW never charges fees just for the privilege of switching a flight…


My understanding wad 1 year from date of purchse.

That said I do not know. They may have changed policies. If that is so that sucks.

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Right, but now there’s no difference in current price vs what I already paid for any of the flights. Everything is just listed as “available” as opposed to what the change in price would be.

Yeah that was mine as well. My “Luv Voucher” was good for a year (whhiiiich kinda prompted the Sept flight in the first place).I’ll probably have to give them a call or something.

Not sure about the credit timeline … 3 months would be truly awful, so I hope that’s not true.

Being able to change flights is awesome so thanks for the heads up on that! It’s probably related to the Max8 advisory. I had this happen back in March and was able to change my flights to a much better time of day with no extra cost. But the ability to do that did go away after a couple of days. I just checked flights I have in both August and September and was able to change those as well… I bet they’re extending the time that Max8 planes are out of commission

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My understanding is that is still correct. One year from date of purchase

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