Southwest Travel Funds-Need Help

I could use some help on Southwest travel funds. I have funds expiring on 9/6 and I was trying to book something with it after that date. I didn’t realize I had to book a flight for before the expiration date. If I book a flight for say 9/5 will it let me modify it to a later date? Also because I waited too long the flights are more $$ , should I only book to the location I want to go to?

I had travel funds from a cancelled trip that I kept modifying forward as I tried to reschedule. Once I hit the expiration date of the travel funds, it wouldn’t let me modify past then any more. In fact, one of the times I modified it, I thought I was booking for one date, but didn’t realize the system was defaulting me to the deadline for booking, and so I had actually booked completely the wrong dates!

I only discovered the issue when I got the alert that my flight was coming up (which I thought was supposed to be a month or two away). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a flight in time to use the full value.

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I’m in the same boat, I have travel funds that will expire before I can use them. My travel plans got postponed time and again due to pandemic related concerns, etc… I called Southwest customer relations (855-234-4654) and they told me that in most cases they would convert travel funds into LUV vouchers, or extend the date for using the travel funds without incurring the fee (which is usually more expensive than the airfare itself).

The key is that they can only take action after the date the funds expire, due to limitations of their internal systems. My advice is to call customer relations, explain the situation, and most importantly, get a case number that you can use to follow up with after 9/6.


Ok that’s what I was afraid of. After reading the FAQ page on SW it looks like I’m out of luck. I have so much in funds, I can’t believe I did this. I have several funds expiring by Sept. to mid November, totaling about $900. Well lesson learned I guess.

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I will definitely try this. Thanks for the info. I’m not traveling until 1/30 and all my funds expire before then. I’m really so mad at myself for not looking into it.

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Typically you must travel by the time the travel funds/credit expires.

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