Southwest Sale w/ Promo Code

Book before 9/17 for travel through 10/31 and save 20% when you book using RapidRewards points. Use code SAVE20NOW

It makes me physically nauseated to know I could get there out of Boston for under 5K points right now.

But if you can use it, get to it!


Such a great promo, it doesn’t work for our dates but our flights were around 8K round trip from CO so I still feel great about that!

It’s so frustrating the Southwest is not doing any nonstops out of Detroit right now. I have enough anxiety about being on the plane to begin with, so being stuck in a layover for 2-3 hours isn’t going to cut it for me, even if it means a <10k point flight.

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If SW cuts direct flights from MSY, we will drive. We’re only about 9 or 10 hours or so. Direct flight 2, so a connecting could be maybe 4-6. Plus we can leave super early and still enjoy a park on arrival day. SW should at least keep 1 direct flight open for the places they had direct flights pre-covid. Its frustrating. Why let u book it of they ate just going to make you airport hop.


If it were a 10 hour drive from MI I’d be driving for sure! When I used to have to go from NYC to Detroit every few weeks I usually drove whenever the weather was going to be decent, and that was without a pandemic! Between getting to the airport, security, sitting there, actually flying, and then getting through the destination airport and to the actual destination it’s really only a couple of hours different.

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Thanks! I just rebooked some flights at the end of October and got 11600 points credited back to my account! I am pretty good at checking flight prices everyday and rebooking for savings but I tend to ignore their emails and would have totally missed that opportunity to save points had you not posted about it.