Southwest question....has anyone gotten this message?

It says I can change my flights in August…but I’ve checked and our original flights are still available to book for others. I booked on points…are these folks the first to get booted if the flight is overbooked?

I have that same message for my August 4th flight. I booked it one way with points (my return flight was released later). I received an email last week that my flight was changed. The only thing that was changed was the flight number so I assume it was combined on another leg of the flight.

Hmm…ill have to check my records to see if the flight number changed. I didn’t receive an email…I just happened to notice the notification on the app. I purchased early boarding for myself but not for DD 7 and DH. Though, we are all booked on points.

Haven’t they been pretty affected by the Max groundings? They’re probably having to move aircraft and schedules around. If a flight has changed time-wise by over an hour, you are entitled to change to a fight that fits your schedule better.

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But that is the thing, the original flight is still available…and it even allows me to choose it (the original flight) as a change option.

At first, I assumed it had to do with the max 8, but when I saw the flight still available I wondered what else could be going on.

They are allowing you to change to any flight (even if it cost more) if you get the notice. Mine is a direct flight leaving at 10:30 am- I don’t want to change!

Mine is nonstop as well and I’d like to keep it, but if they are planning to boot me, I’d rather change it now.

You can click on the reservation and see what type of plane it is. It is because they still need to do the Max 8 routes so they need to adjust flights. Mine was taken off line for one day, then returned.

I’ve done that, but can’t find that info…where do you see it?

Now I can’t see it! I was able to click on my flight in the app and see it!

You are prolly getting the message because they are substituting a smaller 700 plane that holds about 40 less people than the 800 that was the original plane scheduled for that flight (the 800 is NOT the Max 8). The flight was probably already almost full and they are hoping folks will voluntarily switch flights. I fly SW at least once a month and this has been occurring regularly. I recently flew from HOU to MDW and almost 40 people from my flight were put on standby at the gate because the plane that was arriving was a 700 instead of an 800. I had next month’s LAX flight cancelled last week and rebooked in a phone call from SW customer service due to the Max 8 issues. Everyone who is flying SW needs to be vigilant about continually checking their reservation and the flight status.

Call SW if you have any questions. They have the best customer service and are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! Love SW!

If you get more change notices make sure your non-stop flight is still non-stop. I booked my flights for this weekend to LAX back in October. They have changed my flights a bunch of times, but usually only 5-10 minutes. No big deal. However, last week they sent me a change email saying that my 2:30 departure had moved up to a 1:30. Again no big deal. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed my non-stop has now turned into having a stop so instead of 3 hours to get home it will now take almost 6. We don’t change plans, but this stop was still not listed ANYWHERE on the change email. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I am traveling by myself with a 3 year old who just spent 5 days at Disneyland haha.
I’m trying to look on the bright side as this may offer a potty break when the plane is empty or maybe he will get to see the cockpit or something, but it really just irks me that nowhere on the email did it say my flight now included a stop. Any who - just something to be aware of.

This is really helpful info, thank you!

Good lookin’ out! I’ll keep checking. Thank you!