Southwest Pros: Question about changing flights

There is a chance we may look to change our flights to fly in the night before we are currently scheduled to fly.

We bought our flight with points.

I do not have the right number of points to pay for the change.

Can I pay with cash or do I have to purchase points to pay for the change that way?


When I tried to change a flight and didn’t have enough points, I had to cancel the original points flight and rebook the new flight with cash.

I believe you would have to purchase points. Buying SW points is usually a bad deal because the points can cost up to double what they are worth when booking flights. It may make more sense to book some flights with points and some with cash to avoid having to purchase points.

So I have an offer for 45% off points until 7/6! (everyone else should go see what their offer is - you can get 25%, 35% or 45% off). So that makes it not such a bad deal

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I had to change some September flights for two people and it was almost 30k more points (the 50% off sale had another increase and would have cost me more). I ended up buying $300 in points but it was “worth it”.

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With the percentage off you have, the points will cost about 1.51 cents each. The value you can get from them should be about 1.36 cents each. That’s pretty good for buying points, and if you don’t need too many, I would do it.

You could also just “mix” your purchase - buy as many tickets as you can with points, and pay cash for the balance. We are a party of six when we fly as a family, so I’ve done this before - with SW and other airlines.

It sounds like others have not had the same experience. Are you able to do it only by calling?

You can do it if you are completely canceling and rebooking. You can always do a one way points/one way cash or book 3 of your party with cash/1 with points.

You would lose EB and you would have different reservation numbers.

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Yeah none of that matters really but the hassle may be just enough hassle to just buy the points.

But it looks like Saturday’s forecast has shifted slightly again making it less of a sure thing that DD’s outdoor recital will go off then, a Sunday rain date more likely, and this whole discussion moot.

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In my experience - if what you want to do is “logical” but the online system won’t allow - yes call. It’s not much of a hassle, really, with Southwest - they are really good.

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