Southwest promo on June 11th

Not much but Southwest is offering 50x points on purchases up to $100 (so 5,000 pts) on June 11th. For those who fly SW, it’s a good time to buy a $100 gift card.


I was just approved yesterday for my SW card, but have not yet received it. Wondering if I can take advantage of this somehow on Friday?

Boo… I just got off of the phone with Chase. Even though I am approved and my card was mailed yesterday, I can’t take advantage of this promotion until I actually have my SWA RR card in hand. They can not process it for me over the phone. ( Security protocol, I guess.) Thanks for the tip anyway though!

Sorry to hear that. That was what I was going to suggest.

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Thank you for this!!! I saw the email this morning. But had no future plans I needed to book a flight for. Didn’t see we could get this promo from purchasing a gift card. Just got mine!!

I literally just booked my December trip flight yesterday :expressionless:

If the price of the flight hasn’t gone up, and its within 24 hours, you can cancel the flight for a full refund and then rebook the flight today.