Southwest Flights for Summer 2021 Released

Got an email early this morning that Southwest released flights through August 16, 2021. We had travel dates of 6/9-6/16 and are booked at CBR. When I took a look at the flight schedule between my home airport and MCO, I immediately changed my travel dates. So now we will be at CBR from 6/12-6/19 and got good flight times and lower points totals.

Now I am just hoping they release lower prices between now and then so I can get some points back…assuming they will continue doing that like they have this past year.


They will. Be aware though that any discounts you receive are nonrefundable. Example: You paid $100 for a flight. It becomes available for $75 next month. You can get the difference applied to your account on a future flight, but SW won’t give you the $25 in cash / refund

But if you book with points you get all your points back. It sounds like OP used points:

" lower points totals."

“get some points back”


Yeah… I figured they did the way it was written. I just wanted to put it out there for OP or anyone else that needs info. :wink::smiley:


Yeah we booked on points and FINALLY got to use DW’s companion pass. Thankfully, Southwest put the expiration date at 12/31/2021 even though we technically earned it in Sept of 2020. We both assumed that the pass would expire at the end of Sept 2021…so having an extra 3 months of travel for free for her will hopefully be awesome. If I end up getting an AP for our June trip, we may go back next fall and she can still fly for free and we only need to buy her a park pass.

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That is how it is supposed to work. You get it for the whole calendar year following the year that you earned it. Our was supposed to expire 12/31/20 but it has been extended to 6/30/21 which is nice but I was really hoping we would get all of 2021 since it feels like all of 2020 was a wash.

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Yeah we were upset about not being able to use it already because where in the heck would we have gone over the past few months? Surely by next Fall things will be much better and we can take a few trips.

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Same boat here. I was so excited to get my first companion pass last spring, and used it for exactly one trip all year. But I still have next year!
Southwest messed with my flights booked for LAX in April, changing one from nonstop to one stop and the return trip to a two stop! But, I found they had added nonstops from STL to LGB for our dates, for 1/3 less points! Happy with my rebook but obviously the trip to DLR is pie-in-the-sky at this point. We will see. I love flying Southwest on points, it is great for a planner like me who is constantly adjusting!

I got my companion pass last March.

Since then, I had plans to use my companion pass on a May trip to Orlando (canceled), September to see my grandfather (rescheduled to August for his funeral, not covid related), and on a December trip to Orlando, this past week. (Canceled that one too, cases were too high.) Not to mention the trips we had planned to take to see friends that never got schedule because of covid. (That would have been 2-3 more trips.) I now have trip scheduled for February, and plan to put one on the books for late April.

We used ours for a Disney trip in October of 2019 and had plans for a cruise, a wedding in Portland and another Disney trip in 2020. We did go to Disney this past October, but the cruise is tentatively rescheduled for 2022 and the wedding was rescheduled for August just after our companion pass will now expire. We are toying with another run for the companion pass in 2021 thus being able to utilize it in 2022, but we aren’t sure if we’ll get it by August and will pass up on other reward bonuses by diverting all that spending. So I shelled out almost 50k points per person to go BOS-PDX in August but I’m very hopeful that I can start getting some of those back.