Southwest Flight Schedule Change March 2020?

Ok, so here is a new wrinkle on this previous thread…

Today I received an email explaining that my flight times have changed for 3/7 indicating the new times. But there was no offer for me to reschedule another flight at no additional cost (like people were offered for 4/14-6/6). Just information about the new flight times. Anyone else experience this?

My Flight for late march and early april were changed and I was notified via email. Neither worked for me. It seemed I could have changed online, but may have lost early bird; thus I called and it took 45 mins. Finally was able to have the flights booked appropriately to my availability. THe representative was easy going, was not a hassle other than the loooong wait time for someone to answer the call

The email i received stated:
We would like to inform you that some changes occurred to your flight booking. Please find details below.
We wish you a very pleasant flight.

They cancelled both our flights at the end of April/beginning of May and stuck us on other flights that we did not want because we didn’t like the flight times. The first flight cancellation we got a phone call, the second was just an email. When we tried to change it online, the only flights that gave us a free change were the ones that they put us on. When we called and explained that we did not choose those flights and wanted different ones they kindly changed them to what we wanted at no extra cost. Also, we were notified late last week and made this change early this week.

We’re going in early April and staying offsite. Had booked a flight that left at ~5pm and at a Wanna Get Away price. About a month later got an email that our itinerary had changed and the flight now left at ~5 AM!!! Seriously?!! We were able to jump online during the short window they gave us to make changes at no charge. We ended up switching to a 5pm flight the previous day and got a cheap rate on a one-night stay at POP. So, bright side, maybe we gained a day in the parks for not too much cost?

See if it lets you change online and if not give them a call, even without it being offered in the email I suspect they will be helpful in changing it to something that works better without you having to pay the difference.